Who Makes the Best Car Speakers?

If you love music, you have to have some high-quality speakers in your car. But who makes the best speakers? That depends on your opinion, but the best brands are Focal, Kicker, JBL, Pioneer, JL Audio, Boss Audio, and Polk Audio.

These brands are known for their quality, reliability, performance, and affordability.

Things to Consider

Any discussion about who makes the best car speakers is going to be inherently subjective. You might have different opinions about what the best speakers are or which features are more important than others.

However, these are the criteria that I have used to compile this list of what I consider to be the best car speakers on the market:

  • Reputation of the company
  • Variety of speaker options
  • Speaker performance
  • Price range of the speakers
  • Is the company still making speakers?

These are the factors that I consider to be the most important when looking for car speakers to purchase. And the following is the list of brands that I think are best able to meet all of these conditions.

Who Makes the Best Car Speakers?

It is hard to say who makes the best speakers as it largely comes down to your opinion and what you are looking for. However, these are the best brands in terms of price and versatility.


Focal is a French speaker brand that was founded back in 1979. They have now been making high-performance speakers for over forty years and they are still going strong.

Not only does Focal have a great reputation amongst sound enthusiasts, but they are also one of the first choices for studio equipment amongst musicians. This is because their speakers are some of the most reliable in the world with some of the best sound quality. They are also patent-holders on technology that has changed speakers across the globe, and this innovation has made them the perfect choice for your car.

They also have control over their entire production process, which is one of the main reasons why their speakers are the best. You simply cannot go wrong with a Focal speaker.


Kicker’s industry reputation is the result of a couple of hardworking audio nerds who started making speakers in a garage back in the 70s. Their cutting-edge technology has created some of the best car speakers in the world.

If you are looking for tonal balance in your car speakers, Kicker is one of your best options. They split the signal so you get the perfect level of mids, high frequencies, and rumbling bass. Achieving this balance is not an easy feat, but Kicker pulls it off.


Even if you are not an audiophile, you are probably familiar with JBL. They are one of the few brands whose reputation truly precedes them. They have been pumping out high-quality speakers since 1946.

When you choose JBL you are not just choosing a high-quality audio brand, you are choosing decades of wisdom from one of the leaders in the field. You will be wondering why you did not choose these speakers sooner.

Whether you are listening to the radio, music, or podcasts, these speakers have what you are looking for. They have a pole piece cap made out of copper that lets human voices stand out from even muddy mixes. This reduces distortion and maximizes volume.

By reducing distortion, these speakers give you louder sound with an even clearer frequency.


Pioneer is a brand that is even older than JBL, so they have had even more time to perfect their speakers. They started out as a radio repair shop and then they started making their first dedicated speakers in the 1950s.

They also pioneered DJ equipment and high-fidelity audio. They also raised the bar in terms of the quality of car speakers.

Pioneer has the experience, knowledge, and insight to deliver you the most powerful sound system experience in your vehicle. There is a reason why this brand has been around for so long, they have staying power like no one else.

JL Audio

JL Audio started back in 1975 and they are unique because they were one of the first companies that specifically focused on making speakers for cars and boats. It took just over a decade for them to be the leading manufacturer of car speakers.

Their dominance in this niche gave them an unparalleled reputation. If you want to install some great speakers in your car, JL Audio is one of the best companies that will do this for you. It is hard to find sound quality that is this crisp, clear, and loud.

Boss Audio Systems

Boss Audio Systems is another speaker company whose reputation for delivering the best quality to their customers precedes them.

They have mastered the electronics, acoustics, design, and manufacturing of superb quality car speakers. They have turned innovative ideas into groundbreaking masterpieces. They are a budget-friendly alternative to some of the finest brands on the market.

Their name is legendary for a reason. If you are looking for a balance between performance, budget, and quality, Boss Audio Systems might just be your best option.

Polk Audio

Polk Audio is another company that has built its reputation by providing high-quality but budget-friendly speaker systems to its customers. They started as a small company building speakers for a bluegrass convention. However, they quickly reinvented and expanded themselves into different markets.

Now they are one of the leading brands of budget-friendly car speakers. It is hard to beat this kind of quality for the low price point that they offer.

Final Thoughts

You have to have a good set of speakers in your car, especially if you are listening to a lot of music. There are a lot of brands out there, but not all of them are good.

However, these brands listed in this article are known for being the best of the best. If you are looking for a new set of speakers for your car, this is a good place to start looking.